Non-profit service aimed at combating impersonation whilst providing a landing page for social handles, news and pretty much anything!

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Verified Handles pages are easy to navigate and read, you can add news mentions and social handles from any social network, even ones we haven't heard of!

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We check the details and socials submitted to ensure its all genuine


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Its free! We are non-profit and funded by investors and donations. Simply apply and we'll make the page for you.

Not much - we don't even need your real name if you use an alias! We'll need an email to contact you.
If you want an image it'll have to be freely licensed - this is easy to do.

Nearly every entity! Companies, people even places!

No. We serve as an alternative and a backup to traditional blue check verification, we combat impersonation by having an authoritative source that people can refer to.

As long as it sticks to the basic structure we can do nearly anything!

We get asked this a lot. Anyone! We do not have notability or fanbase/customerbase requirements.

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Designed to combat impersonation, our service was built by creators for creators, companies and just about anything!

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