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founder of Verified Handles

James Haworth known by his pseudonym realjamesh is the founder of Verified Handles and now-defunct JEM Media. realjamesh is based in England. from WikiAlpha

About by Contributors and Staff

James Haworth known by his online pseudonym realjamesh is a British businessman and computer scientist known for founding Verified Handles.

Recently he has limited his use of social media as evident by his Instagram (InstagramGrey.svgrealjamesh) and YouTube (YouTubeGrey.svgrealjamesh) pages.
James has previously been in controversy with his Wikipedia page being deleted multiple times, vandalism of user pages and a hack on his Instagram account which has since been resolved.

James is also known for the view botting of a video on Triller which led to his verified account being banned for several months and for having a Minecraft series on his YouTube channel (YouTubeGrey.svgrealjamesh).
He was managed by JEM Media for two years. As of April 2020 his online activities are minimal with several accounts blanked for unknown reasons.

Icon Service Username
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Instagram @realjamesh
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YouTube @realjamesh
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Twitter @realjamesh_
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Facebook @realjamesh
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Reddit @realjamesh
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Wikipedia User:Realjamesh
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Icon Database Identifier
Google /g/11f7hxqz_6
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ISNI 0000000483779979
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