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About Verified Handles

Verified Handles is a non-profit organisation with the aim of combating impersonation.

Our mission

The newly evolving digital world comes with many challenges but the one that draws our attention is impersonation.
Digital impersonation typically takes the form of someone pretending to be someone else to commit fraud or achieve other personal desires. The issue is common on social media and despite efforts such as verification to combat impersonation the problem remains widespread. We set out to aid in significantly reducing the problem.

How we do it

Verified Handles mainly consists of an ever changing database made up of social handles and other identifiers that can be associated with a person or thing. We aim to be an authoritative reference in the social media space and beyond.

History of the organisation

Originally conceived in mid 2020 by realjamesh (James Haworth), the first few entries by James and early adopters were published online under the JEM Media domain later that year before this website launched as a separate organisation in early 2021.

Free use images

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Use them freely, all above images are public domain. Attribution is optional, if you do we suggest 'Verified Handles Team'.

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Designed to combat impersonation, Verified Handles is a non-profit organisation.