Terms of Service

This page contains the terms of service for using our service.

When making an application/claim

We use Google Forms to collect data in the application and claims processes.
You are not required to sign in to Google to apply. We require your email and alias or name.

When suggesting changes

When suggesting changes in the database your data is handled solely by us and is only used for the purpose of improving the database.
All contributions (except email addresses) in the form are released into the public domain when submitted.

Using our site and services

We collect data such as your IP address and timestamps as well as pages visited. This data is not used for any purpose except combating invalid traffic and/or fraud. We have not accessed this data and if we do this page will be updated with exact details on what data was used and who has seen it. This data would not be shared outside of trusted parties and we haven't had to share this data and don't intend to unless necessary.

Similarly we do not use unnecessary tracking cookies and will not download any unnecessary information onto your device. We use Google Analytics, learn more in their privacy policy.

Submitting an application does not guarantee a 'Verified Handles' page and we have the right to be selective in what information we publish. If you do have a page we reserve the right to remove parts or all of the page from our site and servers without reason or warning although we hope this won't ever happen.

Because of this please do not rely on our site for critical structural needs without first acknowledging the risk of data and images becoming unavailable.

Similarly we will not knowingly publish false information on our site. We prevent this by fact checking all pages for valid and correct social handles and when needed we may suspend a page without notice to check information on the page. This could be the image, social handles, news articles or any other personal data on the page. We will never demand identity verification but we reserve the right to remove pages if we aren't sure of the data quality on the page and request that proof of identity in some form, this could be proving you own a social handle on a platform or providing evidence of social handles linking together to the same entity.

If we find a page on our site to be a hoax or misleading we will immediately remove the page and all images on the page without notice from Google search and our servers.

Content on Verified Handles entries is published under the CC0 1.0 Public Domain license which can be viewed here. This does not include Images or Wikipedia excerpts which are licensed differently, click on an image or a Wikipedia link to see its license and contributor(s).
The main page (verifiedhandles.com) and any other page displaying a copyright notice in the footer is protected by copyright.

You must 13 or older to submit data to our site.

Removing information about yourself from our site

We will be compliant and remove data when requested by an individual or a representative for an individual, Contact Us with 'Urgent Content Removal' in the title and we'll get to removing the information as soon as possible.

Please not that, except in extreme cases, the entry may still exist but only contain a message saying the page was deleted, if you aren't happy with this contact us.

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