Why you can trust us.

We have strict internal policies to keep the information on our site factual.

To ensure every Verified Handles page on our site is 100% accurate we follow these steps:

We frequently check pages to ensure information remains accurate.

We work with creators on many of our pages, we rarely accept suggestions from the community unless they are reporting a factual error which you can report here. Please make sure to include the Verified Handles VHID that's shown at the bottom of every entry and the specific item your concerned about.

While we don't have notability guidelines or a fanbase/customerbase, we won't publish pages if there is no evidence online of risk of impersonation, this isn't like Instagram's verification criteria as we are much more lenient so don't be put off by this - as long as you have a name on the internet (this is for people, companies and any other entities with a name/alias) and we see a possibility (even if very low) of impersonation you will be eligible for our service - it doesn't matter if you have 100 followers or 1M followers, of if you have 1 customer of 1M customers.

We use detailed and strict internal policies to ensure that all information including social handles, images and any other structural information is accurate. Our data is sourced primarily from the entity themselves and our staff also refer to databases online to check information.

We also source data from Wikidata, a database for structured data licensed in the public domain. To learn more about structured data and available downloads visit our Structured Data information page.

As an organization we are non-profit so we do not chase profits in any way, this adds to the trust we hope we can build as we do not publish pages for clicks or the like. You will not see ads on any of our pages - unless they are displayed to support hosting costs as we serve terabytes of data monthly and don't accept donations.
To learn about where the money is spent visit the Finances information page.

To see our takedown policy for hoax pages (which would never be published in the first place) please see our Terms of Use.

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