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Business personality/Media; TV & Film producer

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Alex Berger (born (1962-03-22)March 22, 1962) is a producer, creator, consultant and entrepreneur in the media field. During his professional life, he created or participated in numerous, films Astérix: Mission Cléopâtre, TV shows (Rapido, Burger Quiz...), digital (invented the multi-access portal for Vivendi-Vodafone) and founded or accelerated the growth of several companies (NBdC, Chez Wam, Canal+, TOP-The Oligarchs Productions...) by holding various key positions such as senior Vice President and head of strategy to Pierre Lescure at Canal+ , CEO of CanalNumedia, co-CEO at VivendiNet (Groupe Vivendi-Universal), President of MM&I (consulting) as co-founder, President and CEO of TOG-The Oligarchs Group and TOP-The Oligarchs Productions. from Wikipedia

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