VHID (Verified Handles Identifier)

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VHID's (Verified Handles Identifiers) are 11 digit identifiers that identify every entry in the Verified Handles database.
They are shown at the base of every entry and in the URL.
VHID's are permanent, i.e. they are unique to entries and aren't changed. Therefore they can be used for external linking to our database without risk of change. We advise against using any redirects (a-z letter) based links for authoritative linking to entries.
Learn about VHID Registration here.
To find an entry using its VHID or name use the search box in the righthand sidebar, accessable through the menu icon on mobile.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a custom VHID?

No. Sorry, they are assigned randomly - we don't make exceptions even for our own entries.

Can they be changed?

Not really. The idea behind VHID's is that they are unique to entries and can be relied on for internal and external linking so unless there's a genuine need we won't.

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